1. The REAL Mokipops Story

    When this story was shared with me, it immedately touched my heart. This mother is not only supporting her kids dreams for endless possibilties, but showing them how to build an empire as well. Meet Amber Khan, Co-owner of MokiPops Popsicle Company. The Mokipops backstory until now has been that it …Read More

  2. Vegan Chili Recipe

    Meet Charlene S. Staff, PA-C. President of Verified Vegan, LLC. Charlene is Practicing Physician Assistant and Detroit native. As a healthcare practitioner, she see first hand how unhealthy diets affect individuals in the inner cities and low socioeconomic status. Charlene has noted an increase in …Read More

  3. Topaz Hooper 5-ingredient Maryland-style Crabless Crab Cake Recipe

    Meet Topaz Hooper... My name is Topaz Hooper and I've been plant-based for 6 years. I am a vegan chef, founder of AfroFeministaVegan.com, entrepreneur, and traveler. I started my plant-based lifestyle when I was 19 years old. This was necessary for me. I suffered from obesity, joint pain, eczema, mo…Read More

  4. Adjoa’s Fysh and Chips Recipe

    Meet Adjoa... Adjoa Courtney is an artist of many talents but turning her recipes into exquisite art is her passion.  Growing up in the Midwest and raised vegan since age seven, she spent lots of time in her grandmother’s kitchen, absorbing all the wisdom she could about cooking and life.…Read More

  5. Vegan Easy Banana Bread

    Meet Andrea Moro, a 25 year old Vegan Italian Chef. Andrea is the Founder of PickyWops, moderen italian pizza,  located in London. Vegan easy Banana Bread: Mix all together: 2 teaspoons of flax seeds 250g of plain flour 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder 2 ripe bananas 100ml brown sugar 80ml almond mil…Read More

  6. Quick Marinara Sauce Recipe

    Meet Marika Etzel, creator of Plant Base Berlin. Plant Base is Berlin-based brand that hosts different workshops and events that focus on real-life veganism in theory and practice - from cooking classes to a vegan book club. Quick Marinara Sauce 🍅 🌱Large pot, medium heat, some oil 🌱Sauté 1…Read More

  7. Gabrielle’s Creamy Broccoli Salad Recipe

    This weeks feature is Gabrielle Reyes. Gabrielle is an actress, singer, veggie-lover, and serious Afro-grower! She's been vegan for about 8 years. Gabrielle is committed to helping people through her One Great Vegan company, which is a plant-based, meal prep and catering company helping people take …Read More

  8. What Do Vegans And Vegetarians Do For Thanksgiving

    When I was a little girl, I thought the best thing about Thanksgiving was the food: my grandma's green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie and turkey. When I reminisce about those traditions, I realize now that I really didn't care for the food. (What is that odd cr…Read More