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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about vegans lately. You might have asked yourself, “What’s a vegan?” I have the answer: A vegan is someone who doesn’t eat or wear animal derived products or use products tested on animals.

Now you know! I think its pretty awesome that young people are the fastest-growing group choosing to take a stand against violence by making more conscious food choices. Being vegan means replacing the foods you eat that come from animals with versions that taste similar, are better for you, and don’t hurt animals. Most vegans used to eat meat and it wasn’t until they realized that animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses endure a living hell that they decided to try vegan food. The Healthy Dining App mission is to help you go vegan by making that transition a little easier:)

According to Rise of the Vegan, going vegan is predicted to be the biggest food trend of 2018. Just Eat, which has delivery hubs in 15 countries, reported that 33 percent of its partner restaurants now offer vegan options, with many launching dedicated vegan menus, to keep up with increasing demand. Needless to say, the global rise in vegan and plant base eating isn’t a fad. There has been a 600percent increase in the U.S. vegans plus other astounding stats. Across many sports, professional athletes are proving that a plant-based diet can fuel excellence. Athletes in everything from weightlifting and bodybuilding to ultramarathon running to tennis to NFL and NBA are being vocal about their love of plant-based eating.

Our Competitive Advantage

There are many apps on the market that locate vegan/vegetarian restaurants. These apps average 200,000 users. Which indeed proves that vegan apps are in a high demand. Although there are other apps on the market that locate vegan/vegetarian restaurants. There are no other apps on the market that locate vegan/vegetarian restaurants as well as provide a convenient and natural way for users to find individuals with similar dining preferences. This is what makes the Healthy Dining App so unique!

Being vegan is easy.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard! Its all about choosing animal free foods when you’re at the grocery store or out to eat. All grocery stores sell vegan food, and even places like Target sell tofu, vegan meats (try brands like Gardein), and more. Here are some tips on marking the transition a little easier:


Trying things you might not have tasted before, like hummus, Indian foods, falafel, soy or almond milk, tofu, and different fruits and veggies makes going vegan super easy.


Most restaurants can easily whip up something vegan. Even restaurant chains like P.F. Changs, Subway, and Jonny Rockets offer vegan options. You can also find delicious vegan food in Chinese, Indian, and Thai restaurants. YUM! Check out options in your area at healthydiningapp.com or by downloading app. Search “Healthy Dining” in your App Store.


Find easy foods to substitute for the foods that you’re used to eating. Mushrooms are a great substitute. Great for making burgers! Try it out.


Ask your family and friends to go vegan or eat healthier with you. Make sure you know how to answer their questions and always answer them with a smile:) Make it a fun experience for them. Do a challenge! One of the challenges that I did while transitioning was the 7 day vegan challenge. After I witness the results from those 7 days I didn’t want to go back. My energy was through the roof and I felt a spiritual shift.

We are here to help! Search “Healthy Dining” in your App Store today to download on Apple and Android devices.