When this story was shared with me, it immedately touched my heart. This mother is not only supporting her kids dreams for endless possibilties, but showing them how to build an empire as well.

Meet Amber Khan, Co-owner of MokiPops Popsicle Company.

The Mokipops backstory until now has been that it all started when she posed a question to her children (ages 3, 5, and 7), “What do you want to do for the summer because it’s not going to be watching devices!” Their immediate idea was to start their own business.

Amber’s children came up with the name of their business and decided to sell some popsicles that they were already making for the family in the home kitchen for the past year.  They went to their first event with a cooler loaded with 85 popsicles in three flavors and a handmade sign. They sold out in 45 minutes! Kids that were buying them stared in curiosity and adults in admiration. They were working hard even to her own amazement. 

The next week they sold 300 popsicles in two and a half hours. That year they sold 3000 popsicles at approximately 15 events. The next year they started off the spring season with an award for their entrepreneurship from their local Chamber of Commerce. They were getting invited to vend their product at scores of festivals and events around the Atlanta area. Their sales were easy. Not just because they were kids, but because the product actually tastes good. Amber son at the age of 6 asked “How can we make money and not be at every single event?” This question became a milestone in their foundation changing Mokipops from their young idea to the intention of scaling up the business.

Since our start in 2016 these kids have sold more than 30,000 popsicles and have had more than thirty of their peers working with us. They are having fun. They are learning and they are getting paid! And the only device they are operating is a merchant machine processing credit cards! The Mokipops vision is to put our pops in settings that would normally have poor to limited snack options for kids (ie skating rinks that only have pizza and soda, fast food kid meals etc… ), but also they will serve as an example of what children are capable of undertaking… Amber kids want more! Let’s give them the support they need to grow into thriving adults by supporting them now. 

The Mokipops team wants to grow even more. To do so, they need a popsicle machine that would increase their production to meet their current demand. Please consider supporting them by joining their fundraising project. To learn more please visit Mokipops website at http://www.mokipops.com. 

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