Coming to Veganism

I grew up eating animal flesh, like most.  I loved animals yet did not make the connection between loving animals and the packages bought at the store, brought home, and served up as dinner.  Even though since my childhood, I recall standing up and advocating for ecology, women’s rights, peace, and the end of discrimination.  It was not until six and half years ago when I went vegan, that I came to understand that veganism addresses all the same issues. I finally connected to the plight of leaving animals off our plates.  It has been quite and education. 

A month after I went vegan, I lost a couple of things:  bursitis, joint swelling, migraines, and fibromyalgia.  Once this happened, I gave myself a mission.  The mission was to spread the truth.  To help individuals understand the lies being fed to us therefore I started advocating for veganism in any manner I could. I thought, I must do something. I wanted people to know they can heal, and even reverse some diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.  The doctors and the government are failing us in not moving to promote whole food plant based vegan food.  We could be so much healthier; the planet could heal; and we could end animal suffering.

I thought, I am an event organizer, I can bring a vegfest to New Mexico, where I live. In 2016, I founded and organized the first vegfest in New Mexico, the Red and Green VegFest, Albuquerque.  We held it at the Albuquerque Convention Center. We had speakers, vendors, and I worked with the convention center by teaching them about vegan products and foods.  I found menus at Forks Over Knives and shared them with the Albuquerque Convention Center chef.  With little money and the kindness of the presenters, we had our first Red & Green VegFest Albuquerque, Eat Without Violence.

Then I pondered how else can I further veganism in my circle, community, and the world.  In 2015, the free electronic magazine, New Mexico Vegan (now in its sixth year) was born.  The magazine has an array of vegan topics and articles submitted from individuals worldwide.  It is about daily lives, stories, information, recipes, pictures, and more.  In 2018, I thought what about the kids?  They don’t have a vegan magazine for themselves to support their way of life and the free electronic magazine, 1…2…Vegan (Kids) was born.  This was my way to help inspire and be inclusive.  As I continued my day to day, I kept on researching, reading, and finding more information about every aspect of veganism that I could and still do.  It has been a journey of learning and advocating for me. 

Several years ago, I was asked to do a vegan class for Natural Grocers and I said sure!  Until the pandemic struck,  it was going strong, with standing room only at times.  Teaching individuals about eating healthier and teaching 30 minutes and under vegan recipes, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Engaging attendees, teaching them about all different plant foods and grains.  Showing them how to veganize anything and everything.  It was quite a success.  But Covid-19 put a halt on the classes for now.

Since advocating for veganism is my life now, I had to find a new way to reach out and help individuals transition, maintain, and continue on their vegan journey.  This brought me to my new project, a podcast, Vegan Pulse.  These are 10-15 minutes mini visual/audio podcast with casual conversation with local and international vegans.   It has truly been a joy as I connect with interesting people from all over the world.  We talk about their journey into veganism and the projects, ideas, and things they are doing, as they live and promote veganism.  It is wonderful to hear about everyone’s journey.

I’m always looking for any way to promote veganism.  Why?  Because it is worth promoting.  Veganism has answers to the biggest problems affecting us these days.  Climate-change, animal suffering, human suffering, pandemics, attitudes of anger and hatred, greed, human health… all these issues can be managed on a global-scale by… veganism.

Observe, that, by simply dining as a vegan, you are involved  in the action of self-sacrifice, by giving up carnivorous habits; you are involved in the action of saving lives, by not killing animals; you are involved in the action of becoming a hero, because you are saving the planet.

Veganism expands love, to animals, obviously …but, also, veganism expands love within you… the vegan-person. It is my hope, that veganism will continue to be shined upon, evermore brightly, by the “light of expansion” until every person in the world is a vegan… until every person is filled with the love of their own vegan-virtues (peace, compassion, health of mind & body, etc.).  I know that it will happen; though, not soon enough for me.

Nancy Arenas bio:

Nancy Arenas is a children’s book author (Wiatt The Vegan Pirate, etc.), magazine publisher (New Mexico Vegan, etc.), vegan advocate and speaker, certified vegan nutrition coach, vegan chef (Cooking With Compassion), as well as founder and organizer of the Red & Green VegFest Albuquerque, …and, all this, around a 40-hour work week, where she is employed by another, doing work that does not objectively involve vegan duties.  She is gaining non-profit status (501-C) {Sprouting Compassion}, which will allow her to:  receive sponsorship-donations; and, become a full-time proponent of …The Vegan Lifestyle.

Her goal is to create a more compassionate cruelty free world.  Her personal mantra is: ‘Live with Compassion, Eat without Violence’.

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